Built on a saltwater fen and mired in slavery of the denizens of the swamp. Disappearances centered around the manor of the swamp. Looking for brave adventurers to aid the town in solving these disappearances. The missing are those hired by the town.

The town is of obvious Dwarven make, adding to the current state of the town in these down trodden times.

The Company of the Raven

Several hundred (250) years ago, they liberated the swamp from Sakatha the lizardman King where Dunwater was built.

Ishkandar’s Manor

Adventurers get paid to go to the manor. They disappear and show back up later with their hearts cut out.

Mitchum Hes

Halfling Mayor of Dunwater.

White Sails Inn

Dwarven made inn. Free room and board given to us by Mitchum Hes.


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