Bloodwater Vale

Checking out Ishkandor's Haunted Manor

The Brotherhood of the Five Swords meets up at the White Sail. We talk to Lareth, the innkeep and acquire free room and board and are told to talk to Redmond about hiring some boats.

While walking through town, we see various lizard-slavemen doing work. We see one particularly large lizardman, Trog, seeing him get beaten while carrying a very large crate. We ponder buying Trog from Jamis the warehouse worker. We decide to purchase Trog (Nekai) for 2000 gold coins.

We purchase fish for Nekai, and head out of town. On the way out, we begin hearing lizardmen saying “Kaz’Marath”.

Your title here…

The trip to Dunwater

We took the ferry from Tulver’s Crossing down south to Dunwater. We met with Mitchum Hes, learning much of the history of Dunwater and the southern Bloodwater Vale.

We learned that there were enslaved lizardmen maintaining the town. They are treated very poorly. We also learn of a haunted mansion that other adventurers have been hired to investigate, at least four of which ending up with their hearts cut out and neatly arranged on the docks.

We learned of the Sisterhood of the Raven, who built up the town from nothing.

The attack on the owl bears...
and the tragedy of Seamus

—When we last left off with Ryan. You were taking off with Owen Gort, to the village of Dunwater, while we decided to pursue the bandit survivor. We tracked him down where he surrendered after taking an arrow to the knee. The deciding factor in that was we did now want him to go back to the town and cast us in a bad light. We then decided that the best choice was to go back to the council and turn him in as one of the criminal assailants. Perpetrators.

We regained some faith with the town guard by donating some electrum and arms. We also left him there, restored ourselves, and decided to hunt owl bears.

Seamus got mauled by an owl bear. He dead.

Day Five!
The Keep in earnest...

Three shortbows and a sling. Morek gives the order to fire!

Albrecht’s arrow found its mark, slaying the single sentry on the northeast tower. Seamus is the first up the tower, followed quickly be everyone else. None of the orcs were alerted to our intrusion. We left Calphon on the tower to provide support and diversion. We discovered that the watch tower was empty, and we decided to shoot down the other sentries on the northwest and southwest tower.

Florian hit the sentry on the northwest tower, who drew a horn to his lips only to have Calphon’s arrow fell him. Immediately thereafter, a giant ogre sleepily exited the southwest tower and made his way into the chapel. Seamus, Albrecht and Calphon pincushioned the sentry on the southwest tower, slaying the final sentry and securing the battlements of the keep.

We decided to move our investigations to the gatehouse, crossing the battlements. The western gatehouse door to the battlements was locked.

We agreed to move through the courtyard, looping around to the southwest tower. We listen at the door, hearing several Orcish voices arguing in their vile tongue. Morek throws open the door, charging boldly into combat. Albrecht scores a precise shot, felling one Orc before he can cry out. Unfortunately, one Orc survives, fleeing upstairs and sounding the alarm. We rush after him, Seamus severely injuring the Orc. Morek ran up and struck the final blow with his Hammer – surely a prayer to Moradin if there ever was one.

At that moment, the chapel door was thrown wide, the Ogre emerging into the brilliant morning sunlight, a cask on his broad shoulder. Albrecht kept his calm and sunk an arrow into his chest. The Ogre and Albrecht joined combat. Seamus demonstrated his worth, peppering the Ogre with arrows. Morek noticed that the upper door is locked and joins the fray. Albrecht and the Ogre exchanged wild haymakers, until Old Man Morek joined the fray and showed those young ruffians how to fight.

Meanwhile, five elite Orcs emerged from the Chapel with their leader who was making arcane gestures. Through the brilliant magicks of Florian Hightower, this new group of enemies were subdued.

Day Four!
Her massive chalice...

Baron has exiled us from Fairhill, demanding that we leave quit the town before noon. He has assigned an armed guard to ensure that his commands are followed.

We buried our fallen comrade and foe at the Temple of Other Gods in Fairhill. Morek and Florian said brief words over the freshly dug graves. We decided to investigate Eralion’s this afternoon. Taking the final opportunity to restock, we headed to the Temple of Freya.

On the way, Calphon ran into an old acquaintance named Seamus, a halfling caravan guard. This sturdy fellow shall accompany us on our adventure. Though his cranial trauma may provide some difficulties.

We met Shandril, a beautiful Elven priestess of Freya. We acquired some restorative items for an exorbitant donation to the Temple. The priestess believes that Eralion was taken by dark forces, and warned us that his keep was home to orcs and worse.

We travelled to the Keep, arriving in the late afternoon. Savage, degenerate Orcs have taken up residence in Eralion‘s demesne. I shudder to think of what may have become of the wizard’s library. The forest has grown up to the Keep’s tumbled down outer walls. After the ranger and the halfling finished blathering about fieldcraft and the ways of orcs, we decided to watch the nightly activities of the inhabitants. We saw very little activity.

We decided to take the northeast tower at dawn.

Day Three!
The scouring of Fairhill...

Teardzhl, Morek Gurtisson, and Florian Hightower approach the nearest farmhouse searching for food and information. Old man farmer offers food for one gold royal. He comes out wearing a sword which seems a bit out of place.

After gently pumping the farmer for information, he mentions Eralion’s mansion, goblins, and kobolds. He offers to take us to the mansion, we offer to pay him two gold for a map. He accepts our offer. We also give him five gold to keep our little chat a secret.

Three inns and taverns are mentioned in town. The Three Kegs, the Cask and Flagon, and the Drunken Cockatrice.

The crew decides to make the Cask and Flagon its operating during its stay in Fairhill.

Teardzhl makes small talk with the innkeeper while eating some mutton stew and making note of who all is in the tavern. He notices the old farmer, drunk and talking about the crew. He notices Teardzhl who should totally poison this loud mouthed prick and burn his daughters and homestead.

While talking with the old man, there is mention that the wizard whose home we are searching for was a vampire nighthawk in his former life.

Later in the day, the gang goes to the Drunken Cockatrice and confronts Khellek. During the encounter, Teardzhl gets killed by Khellek. The crew then encounters the town guard and goes to burying our fallen comrade.

Day Two!
The journey to Fairhill

The day begins with the band leaving camp towards Fairhill. There were discussions of trapping our old campsite, but it was determined to be better to just move on.

The journey was uneventful with the sole exception of a bird hovering high above. Albrecht Kessler draws his bow and take aim. When he does so, the bird shifts into nothingness. Upon noticing the flying object, Florian Hightower insists that it would be best for us to continue on our path. Florian Hightower also mentions that he may know who is following us, Khellek.

During the conversation about the bird above and the wizard following us, we notice the biggest raven we have ever seen standing nearby. As we notice the raven it begins to fly away. Teardzhl shoots his short bow at it and lands a solid hit, however the arrow seems to just disappear! As this happens, Florian Hightower hits it with a magic missile as the Raven wheels around back at us. When the raven comes close again he disappears. Was this the same thing that we saw above? Will we ever know?

We march on towards Fairhill stopping for nothing, until we come across a ruined farm house. Teardzhl and Calphon go on to investigate. A number of heaps are seen out in the field which end up being human remains. The heaps are the remains of an adult male and female. The male appears to have been shot in the back by an arrow.

Teardzhl approaches the house to search it. He throws a rock in to ascertain if anything responds; bats flutter out. He signals the all clear and we all approach. Morek using detect magic and Albrecht using mundane means search the house, finding a magical short sword with Teardzhl taking it. After resting for a short time, we move on, spotting the Raven, Khellek’s familiar.

Eventually we make it just outside of the town at the dawn of a new day…

Adventurers Wanted!

You and your newfound companions left the city of Brindol some three-and-a-half days ago, bound for the town of Fairhill. You should have reached your destination in four days, but rain and cloudy weather have marred your journey and slowed your pace. Sunshine is on the far horizon, but none of you can shake the feeling that something is amiss, as if a dark cloud has followed you from Brindol.

As you walk, you think back to the Starving Stirge—the inn where you formed your fellowship. You shift your packs, which seem even heavier in the rain, and recall the notice that led you here: “Seeking Fellow Adventurers,” it read. “Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” As you look down at your muddy boots, you think to yourself that you would gladly trade the wizard’s promises of gold for dry clothes and a warm bed.

About four hours ago, you said goodbye to the town of Threshold and turned south along a muddy trail. The departure from the Iron Trail marks the final leg of your journey. Thankfully, the rain has slowed to a drizzle; if the weather holds, you should reach Fairhill in about two days’ time. You’ve decided to break for your midday meal when you hear the sounds of mumbled conversation and the unmistakable jingle of a rider’s tack behind you…


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