Bloodwater Vale

Adventurers Wanted!

You and your newfound companions left the city of Brindol some three-and-a-half days ago, bound for the town of Fairhill. You should have reached your destination in four days, but rain and cloudy weather have marred your journey and slowed your pace. Sunshine is on the far horizon, but none of you can shake the feeling that something is amiss, as if a dark cloud has followed you from Brindol.

As you walk, you think back to the Starving Stirge—the inn where you formed your fellowship. You shift your packs, which seem even heavier in the rain, and recall the notice that led you here: “Seeking Fellow Adventurers,” it read. “Companions to share in glory and gold and adventures unnumbered.” As you look down at your muddy boots, you think to yourself that you would gladly trade the wizard’s promises of gold for dry clothes and a warm bed.

About four hours ago, you said goodbye to the town of Threshold and turned south along a muddy trail. The departure from the Iron Trail marks the final leg of your journey. Thankfully, the rain has slowed to a drizzle; if the weather holds, you should reach Fairhill in about two days’ time. You’ve decided to break for your midday meal when you hear the sounds of mumbled conversation and the unmistakable jingle of a rider’s tack behind you…



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