Bloodwater Vale

Day Two!

The journey to Fairhill

The day begins with the band leaving camp towards Fairhill. There were discussions of trapping our old campsite, but it was determined to be better to just move on.

The journey was uneventful with the sole exception of a bird hovering high above. Albrecht Kessler draws his bow and take aim. When he does so, the bird shifts into nothingness. Upon noticing the flying object, Florian Hightower insists that it would be best for us to continue on our path. Florian Hightower also mentions that he may know who is following us, Khellek.

During the conversation about the bird above and the wizard following us, we notice the biggest raven we have ever seen standing nearby. As we notice the raven it begins to fly away. Teardzhl shoots his short bow at it and lands a solid hit, however the arrow seems to just disappear! As this happens, Florian Hightower hits it with a magic missile as the Raven wheels around back at us. When the raven comes close again he disappears. Was this the same thing that we saw above? Will we ever know?

We march on towards Fairhill stopping for nothing, until we come across a ruined farm house. Teardzhl and Calphon go on to investigate. A number of heaps are seen out in the field which end up being human remains. The heaps are the remains of an adult male and female. The male appears to have been shot in the back by an arrow.

Teardzhl approaches the house to search it. He throws a rock in to ascertain if anything responds; bats flutter out. He signals the all clear and we all approach. Morek using detect magic and Albrecht using mundane means search the house, finding a magical short sword with Teardzhl taking it. After resting for a short time, we move on, spotting the Raven, Khellek’s familiar.

Eventually we make it just outside of the town at the dawn of a new day…



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