Bloodwater Vale

Day Three!

The scouring of Fairhill...

Teardzhl, Morek Gurtisson, and Florian Hightower approach the nearest farmhouse searching for food and information. Old man farmer offers food for one gold royal. He comes out wearing a sword which seems a bit out of place.

After gently pumping the farmer for information, he mentions Eralion’s mansion, goblins, and kobolds. He offers to take us to the mansion, we offer to pay him two gold for a map. He accepts our offer. We also give him five gold to keep our little chat a secret.

Three inns and taverns are mentioned in town. The Three Kegs, the Cask and Flagon, and the Drunken Cockatrice.

The crew decides to make the Cask and Flagon its operating during its stay in Fairhill.

Teardzhl makes small talk with the innkeeper while eating some mutton stew and making note of who all is in the tavern. He notices the old farmer, drunk and talking about the crew. He notices Teardzhl who should totally poison this loud mouthed prick and burn his daughters and homestead.

While talking with the old man, there is mention that the wizard whose home we are searching for was a vampire nighthawk in his former life.

Later in the day, the gang goes to the Drunken Cockatrice and confronts Khellek. During the encounter, Teardzhl gets killed by Khellek. The crew then encounters the town guard and goes to burying our fallen comrade.



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