Bloodwater Vale

Day Four!

Her massive chalice...

Baron has exiled us from Fairhill, demanding that we leave quit the town before noon. He has assigned an armed guard to ensure that his commands are followed.

We buried our fallen comrade and foe at the Temple of Other Gods in Fairhill. Morek and Florian said brief words over the freshly dug graves. We decided to investigate Eralion’s this afternoon. Taking the final opportunity to restock, we headed to the Temple of Freya.

On the way, Calphon ran into an old acquaintance named Seamus, a halfling caravan guard. This sturdy fellow shall accompany us on our adventure. Though his cranial trauma may provide some difficulties.

We met Shandril, a beautiful Elven priestess of Freya. We acquired some restorative items for an exorbitant donation to the Temple. The priestess believes that Eralion was taken by dark forces, and warned us that his keep was home to orcs and worse.

We travelled to the Keep, arriving in the late afternoon. Savage, degenerate Orcs have taken up residence in Eralion‘s demesne. I shudder to think of what may have become of the wizard’s library. The forest has grown up to the Keep’s tumbled down outer walls. After the ranger and the halfling finished blathering about fieldcraft and the ways of orcs, we decided to watch the nightly activities of the inhabitants. We saw very little activity.

We decided to take the northeast tower at dawn.



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