Bloodwater Vale

Day Five!

The Keep in earnest...

Three shortbows and a sling. Morek gives the order to fire!

Albrecht’s arrow found its mark, slaying the single sentry on the northeast tower. Seamus is the first up the tower, followed quickly be everyone else. None of the orcs were alerted to our intrusion. We left Calphon on the tower to provide support and diversion. We discovered that the watch tower was empty, and we decided to shoot down the other sentries on the northwest and southwest tower.

Florian hit the sentry on the northwest tower, who drew a horn to his lips only to have Calphon’s arrow fell him. Immediately thereafter, a giant ogre sleepily exited the southwest tower and made his way into the chapel. Seamus, Albrecht and Calphon pincushioned the sentry on the southwest tower, slaying the final sentry and securing the battlements of the keep.

We decided to move our investigations to the gatehouse, crossing the battlements. The western gatehouse door to the battlements was locked.

We agreed to move through the courtyard, looping around to the southwest tower. We listen at the door, hearing several Orcish voices arguing in their vile tongue. Morek throws open the door, charging boldly into combat. Albrecht scores a precise shot, felling one Orc before he can cry out. Unfortunately, one Orc survives, fleeing upstairs and sounding the alarm. We rush after him, Seamus severely injuring the Orc. Morek ran up and struck the final blow with his Hammer – surely a prayer to Moradin if there ever was one.

At that moment, the chapel door was thrown wide, the Ogre emerging into the brilliant morning sunlight, a cask on his broad shoulder. Albrecht kept his calm and sunk an arrow into his chest. The Ogre and Albrecht joined combat. Seamus demonstrated his worth, peppering the Ogre with arrows. Morek noticed that the upper door is locked and joins the fray. Albrecht and the Ogre exchanged wild haymakers, until Old Man Morek joined the fray and showed those young ruffians how to fight.

Meanwhile, five elite Orcs emerged from the Chapel with their leader who was making arcane gestures. Through the brilliant magicks of Florian Hightower, this new group of enemies were subdued.



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